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IM SAYIN and like they are just reachin for the sky wit these justifications ‘oh its endearing’, ‘oh we think the konglish is hilarious’ ‘we trying to encourage him’ like elastic man stretches out here.

dok2 on a step stool type reaches!!!!

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these girls are so unfortunate, like going through all of that just to justify the purchase of them struggle ass t-shirts. like even thisisnotkorea supported them being called out but noooo nooo ‘we paid mboneyyyyy’ like pls got fall out somewhere

yes like why would they go miiiiiles to defend really nasty behavior???? and then we’re doing too much? but what’s very busy is printing someone’s pronunciation of a word and screaming it while he’s singing the line…..like it must have bothered him to some extent that he posted an apology on twitter at the time for saying the word like how incredible what kind of imperialist teas like ‘apologize for your mispronunciation!!!!!’

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like she is accusing us of saying they’re too sensitive and that blackface doesn’t matter? but me n everyone i’m friends with has spoken about the insensitivity and anti-black behavior in kpop and the girl she is defending has defended GD’s blackface and i’m just like………eau.

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(themes need 2 be checked before ppl go voicing opinions for attention)


why do people always go WELL WHERE IS YOUR ARGUMENT ON SO AND SO

um like we not talking about them right now (although we have spoken about them before)

like we are literally addressing one subject ONE THAT IS RELEVANT LIKE????? LMAOOOO



omg this loof girl………………………..

im so embarrassed what………..educate urself ho……………

there r so many other fandom jokes than one that’s EXTREMELY BELITTLING AND IGNORANT


Okay, Imma need all you “social justice” Kpop tumblrs to stop.

I communicate with Tracy (loof girl) regularly and I DO NOT appreciate LOOFgate.

I completely and absolutely agree with Tracy’s decision to make the loof shirts and continue saying the LOOF IS ON FIRE.

Why? Because it truly is not that serious.

I understand that many believe that the LOOF word is offensive because it makes fun of Asian pronunciation of English words (which is the huge controversy) but in this instance that is not the case. In the context of the song Hurricane is the ONLY INSTANCE where the word LOOF is used, not in any other instance. Is it a joke? Yes. Is it potentially offensive? Probably. Will Himchan cry himself to sleep every night because of the LOOF? No, he better not.

What Tracy was trying to do was relay that is LOOF could be used for encouragement and not for making fun of Kim Himchan. In addition with her being pretty well knowledgeable about Korea and it’s language (her focus of studies in college) I think she knows that there is a difficulty certain sounds between languages. The encouragement is: regardless of the pronunciation we still love Kim Himchan.

So to you politically correct Kpop fan hypocrites on tumblr.


All you guys do is stir up ish on this website and have no true solution to anything.

Also where is the backlash about EXO’s Ulf, TVXQ’s Ten Ears, Mir’s Waffur, XIA Junsu’s OMG SUN!, SHINee’s Say Re Na Day (Juliette)

And MOST OF YOU MAKE FUN OF EXO’S KRIS AT EVERY CHANCE YOU GET! A man that is damn near fluent in 4 languages but (honestly) gets confused in his transitions between languages.

Same people that DON’T believe SHINee’s Key is fluent in english because he struggles in the transition sometimes.

Same people that continue to use the N-word because they have absolutely no self control and NEED to use it for whatever excuse they have.

I know that most of you on tumblr are in high school or undergrad….but stop. You do too much.

PS: But how you gonna defend the use of the word loof….then call said grown woman a “girl” and “ho” then precede to make fun of her using the term “basic”.

PSS: I still use the term “basic”

PSSS: You basic.


i literally did not read a single word


like pop a sudafed mama