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lil bitch of pos gang h o m 2 as in homie 100% huang zitao blog

saaammmnn replied to your post: how saaammmnn on MY blog likin MY pote…

ya mammy!!!

*sends u an express package of my fart air*

how saaammmnn on MY blog likin MY pote!!!!!!! but I gotta delete??

*asks god what it means*

Anonymous: I'm really sorry if you see me semi stalking your blog but really you're insanely funny like I've been in tears for so long now you give me life

dit so nice!! <33

don’t ruin the real order of words for me

like it ham and cheese…..not cheese and ham…..

it rock paper scissors……not scissors paper rock…..


me: who the fuck is this and why are you texting my boyfriend?

woollim’s ceo: um.. it’s dongwoo’s boss..

me: lose his number and count your days

how dare kim won joong look flawless from birth to 2:01 AM EST July 24th, 2014?

if my dog was human she’d be a 63 year old retiring general med doctor with an anna wintour bob

god: *holds his hand up in a ‘halt’ motion* sorry jordan u….u can’t come in…

jordan: huh?

god: do u uh……remember…….uh allat…u said about chanyeol…..